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We like and we can help you to create the perfect program for any purpose, on this page you find descriptions of various tours like:

  • Bucharest  Day & Night City Tours
    - Bucharest City Tour
    - Bucharest the Little Paris Tour
      Greek Byzantin and French Heritage
    - Bucharest Jewis Heritage and Jewis roots
    - Bucharest  City Tour 4 hours  itinerary

  • Snagov & Caldarusani Monasteries Tour

  • Weekends in Romania:
    - Mamaia  Black Sea  -seaside
  • Medieval & modern  Romania
    Bran and Peles Castles & Citadels
  • Saxon Heritage Tour

  • Dracula characters:
    Prince Vlad & Count Dracula Tour
  • Balkan guided tours


    Bucharest City Tour
    - half day or evening tour

    For those coming for the first time we will
    recommend an orientation walking tours beside
    the regular city tours by car.

    One can see what is left out of the capital city of
    Romanian Bucharest after 50 years of communism

    You will both relax and educate yourself while
    strolling along and talking.

    Starting off at your hotel or business residence
    you will have a wonderful private  tour.

    The guided itinerary tour gives you a chance of some
    informed conversation in a plain, accessible language
    beside the ones you regularly can find in a guide book.

    You will be able to touch many cultural and economic
    bases and also varied topics

    - Drive through the main boulevards:
    Aviatorilor,Victoriei,Carol, Elisabeta,

     Magheru  Bulvard                          Kisseleff  Bulvard

    - Outside glimpse of:
    Medical Faculty, Bucharest University of Science,
    Romanian Athenaeum,  the Romanian Opera House,
    Architecture Faculty                     Music Museum "G  Enescu"

    Military Circle House                    Revolution Square

    - Stops, walk around and listen to the stories at: 
      Romanian  Patriarchal Palace and former Parliament, Military Academy, Royal Palace, Former Communist Party Headquarters

    Major sites, museums not included to be visited optional:

    Parliament House                         Village Museum

             Romanian Athenaeum                  Orthodox Patriarchate
                                                                     and former Parliament

    • Cotroceni Palace (build by former King Carl I)
    • National Art Gallery

      Synagogue Museum     
      as part of Jewish Heritage Tour


      start or end the tour with  a lunch or evening dinner 
       in a traditional  Romanian folklore music and dance
       Restaurant "Pescarus " , "Carul cu Bere", "Vatra" 
    • services & rates

     - the Little Paris Tour

Greek Byzantine and French heritage
- a half day or  evening tour

  From your Bucharest residence drive through the main
  Calea Victoriei ( Victory Avenue), under its old name
  " Mogosoaia Bridge" was laid down in the 17Th century
  in order to link the Princely Residence in Bucharest
  to the summer residence of Prince Constantin Brancoveanu
  at Mogosoaia.
 It developed,  in the 19Th century, when it became
"the Princely Road"

Cantacuzino Palace on Calea Victoriei belonged to
a famous princely family who came in Wallachia
from Greece in the 17Th century.
The widow of G.G. Cantacuzino, former prime-minister
and leader of the Conservative Party, married the greatest
Romanian musician, George Enescu, against her family wish
and nowadays the Palace became the Music Museum. 

Along Stirbei Street we arrive at Cotroceni Palace,
a princely residence build by Carol I on Cotroceni Hill
next to a former monastery.
The edifice had become later a second royal residence.
After ample renovations following the earthquake
that damaged it in 1977, Ceausescu made of it
an official 'guest house'.
In 1991 the Cotroceni Palace became the residence of
the president of Romania.

A necklace of lakes surrounds Bucharest and almost
near all of them there is a monastery or a castle.
Same as Brancoveanu's Castle build by the Lake Mogosoaia.
The founder of Mogosoaia Castle, Prince Constantin Brancoveanu, was a great art lover and imposed in the Romanian architecture the style called Brancoveanu.

Outside glimpse of: Elisabet Palace, Victoria Palace,
Cantacuzino Palace, Romanit Palace, the Royal Palace,
the Romanian Athenaeum, the Saving Bank Palace,
the old Palace of the Parliament

Museums included: 
      Mogosoaia Palace

        Kretzulescu Church                Sf Kretzulescu Church       

     - Major sites, museums not included,
        to be visited optional:

  • Cotroceni Palace
  • Museum of Art Collections 
  • National History Museum,
  • National Art Gallery Museum    Romanian Atheneum
    (inside Royal  Palace)



start or end the tour with  a lunch or evening

dinner in a Restaurant with traditional  Romanian 

music and dance

services & rates

Bucharest Jewish heritage and  roots:

- half day in Bucharest

Bucharest has lots of reminders of Romania’s Jewish heritage

 and Jewish roots
  The Jewish Cemetery             The Great Synagogue  1846
                                             hosting the Holocaust Museum

- The Choral Temple, built in 1866


- The ‘Holy Union’ Temple, built in 1836,

nowadays hosting the Romanian Judaic Community Museum,

with a most fascinating collection, inaccessible until recently,

of ritual objects, collected by Rabbi Rosen during his period

as Chief Rabbi of Romania.

Of particular interest, there are the fine parochot

(Torah curtains), and Torah crowns,

pointers and rimonim (Torah Finials), some of which are

characteristic of the local style.

This museum traces the history of the Jewish people in

Romania from AD 1000 through World War II

Please see also Romania-Israel Forum

The tour   Includes  services & rates:
- Guide and transport along the route
- Entrance tickets  
 Departure, Pick up / drop off: on request / your hotel


    Bucharest City tour departing  JW Marriott hotel
    4 hours

      Military Academy Carol I 1926 learn about Romanian history   

       Prince Dracula national hero, Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula and Bela Lugoj’s Dracula

      Royal/Presidency Residence Cotroceni
      learn about Monarchy versus republic in Romania
      Botanic Garden
      University- National School of medicine and Pharmacy learn about public health
      St. Elefterie church,   Opera House and Law University
      Parliament House learn about People's House history, Ceausescu's epoch
      Patriarchal Hill: Patriarchal Church, learn about first modern Romanian Principates and religion
      in Romania with Orthodox Church history
    Unirii  Square - first settlement of Bucharest trade city center

  • ,      
    Manuc Inn                                                             Old  Princiary Court


  •   University Square. University and Architecture and Urbanism University
      Modern National Theater, Coltea Church and Hospital, Sutu Palace
    Revolution square : Sq Royal Palace1812- 1882. 1927 -1937 learn about last ruling days of       King Michel
    and Ceausescu former Comunist Party Headquarters,  former Security  and Secret Service HQ
      Romanian Atheneum
    , Cretzulescu Byzantine Church 1720-1722,

      Roman sq.:  Romanian Academy of Economic Studies
    Victory sq.: Government Building 1937 /1944. Natural History and Peasant Museums
    Charles  De Gaulle Sq, : Residential district, Herastrau Park and restaurants Pescarus
      Triumph Arch Sq.,
      Village Museum
    Victory Ave.: Music Museum Cantacuzino Palace 1899.,
      Casinos, National Museum,

      Saving Bank
    1875 , Carul cu Bere
    - The Beer Cart Rest 1879,
      Elsabeth Bulv : Officer’s Circle /Club  House
    1912 , Mayor Town Hall,
      Cismigiu Garden



    Snagov and
    Caldarusani Monasteries

    Half day tour

    services & rates





Week-end in MAMAIA
Romanian - Black Sea seaside resort

With an eastward orientation and a record
number of sunny weather days, no tides,
wide beaches covered with fine golden sand
and sloping gently into the sea,
the Romanian Black-Sea Coast has become to
be one of the favorite vacation places for people
of many meridian.

Unlimited entertainment possibilities


Medieval and Modern Romania : Bran & Peles
 Prahova Valley and across Predeal Pass 
  to Transylvania

- 12 hours tour

At the end of the 19-th century, another prince,
future king of Romania, Carol I, enchanted by
the beauty of the surroundings built in Sinaia  
Peles Castle, his summer residence.
The castle is one of the nicest in Europe.

Built between 1875-1883, mainly in
German Renaissance style, the castle has 106 rooms,
decorated with fine ornaments of inlaid wood,
Murano and Venetian chandeliers and mirrors,
a rich collection of arms and weapon,
more than 800 stained glass windows and
an original heating and cleaning system.

In the park surrounding the big castle, there are
the Castle Foisor, the Hunting Castle and Queen Maria
favorite castle Pelisor.

We will visit the city of Brasov,
one of the seventh Saxon citadels of Transylvania,
"Kronestadt" the largest Saxon town of Transylvania,
in the Middle Age.

Driving through the main roads,
you will discover its beauty and
the combination between new and old,
blacken stone buildings and red bricks chimneys
above the colored tile roofs.
Old fortification ruins of the former burg,
the narrow and tortuous streets,
the old baroque houses with their bulky arched gates,
still, keeps
in the downtown the medieval patina.

The Black Church (14th - 15th centuries),
the largest construction in Gothic style from Romania,
has very important collection of Turkish carpets and
one of the largest organ in Europe

In the afternoon, we arrive at Bran, where the waters
hollowed their way in the rock stands Bran Castle,
where Vlad the Impaler, Dracula spent some frightful times, on his way to Transylvania.

Originally built by master masons of Brasov as a fortress, according to the privilege granted to the town on November 19th, 1377, by Louis I d'Anjou,
who was ruling of Transylvania at that time.

In 1920, the fortress was donated to the royal family
and became its summer residence

Arranged by Queen Maria into a most romantic castles:
the old garret became the fourth floor,
the old cylindrical tower with defense gallery became
an apartment, Gothic stone arches framed the entrance doors, stairs and boarded floors were rebuilt

Departure from your hotel or business residence
Drive through Prahova Valley to Sinaia, Bran or Rasnov and Brasov

Evening arrival in Bucharest

- In Sinaia, visit of Peles Castle

- Sightseeing tour of Brasov including the Black Church
and St. Nicolas Church and  lunch stop;

- in Bran, visit of Bran Castle or Rasnov Citadel;

services & rates

Saxon   Heritage -
Castles and Citadels and Fortified Churches in Transylvania

Transylvania,  whose name derives from the Latin
"TRANS-SILVA " (the country beyond the forests)
lies in the center of Romania, being surrounded
with the forest covered Carpathian mountains.

Its very name brings to mind visions of mountain peaks
up to the sky above wooded valleys and sparkling streams,
visions of high-roofed wooden churches, legendary castles
and a troubled history

But there is much more to it,
 a 3 - 5 days  Saxon Heritage tour will include

  •  Bran Castle (also called Dracula Castle by Hollywood
    screen players) or Rasnov Citadel,
    Peles Castle summer residence of the former King Carol I, 
  •  Saxon Citadel Cities like Brasov, Sighisoara, Medias, Sibiu  
  •  fortified Churches  built in Saxon villages of Prejmer,
    Herman, Birtalan ,Viscri .

Viscri in Transylvania Romania

services & rates


Of course in none of the tours we will not forget to mention

the world famous Dracula.

From a member of  former  1973   Dracula Society

Romania you will learn fascinating stories about possible

links between:

- Prince Vlad the Impaler - Dracula 

                                      one of the national heroes of the Romania

 - Count Dracula an infamous 

                                       but suffering  romantic character

 - Count Dracula a character

     made famouse  by a horror movie   


                  Throughout the 14th and 15th centuries

Wallachia and  Moldavia offered strong resistance to

Ottoman Empire expansion towards Europe.

                 During this struggle the prince of Wallachia,

Vlad Tepes (known as the Impaler), or Dracula

because he rarely had time to eat a meal without a Turk

on a stake in front of him), became a hero;

He later became associated
with Dracula  and made
famous by Bram Stoker's Book - an Irishman that had

never visited Transylvania..

                Truth, legends historic places an imaginary ones

will carry you from Bucharest in Walachia and 

Sighisoara in Transylvania to a different world and about:

Bram Stocker Irish  Writer's statue in Bargo Pass 1883

Jonathan Harker an English  solicitor visited Count  Dracula 1883

  Homage to founders

of  Dracula Society  (Romania) 1973


Nick Paduraru cofounder left us 2008   Misuga - Baron Von Dracula left us 2009

Bruce Wightman President left us 2009

Sorin Udroiu member joined Dracula Society   in November 1981

Current Specials ! 

2015 Jonathan Harker  meeting Count



tour provided by  AVOCADO TRAVEL
services & rates

Please note that  museums are closed for public on Mondays excepting
Parliament Palace which is available daily excepting periods of important
events hosted by this venue


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