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Our guides will be proud to introduce Romania
    one of the most beautiful countries in Europe with

   a great cultural, historical and geographical variety
    which  has to be regarded in confluence with the
   other neighboring Balkan Countries and Moldova Republic.

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    Sorin                     Radu                          Andu

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  Guided tours to
   Romania &
  Balkan Countries Albania, Bulgaria, Greece,
   Serbia,  Turkey
and Moldova Republic

     Baltic & Nordic Countries : Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania
    Finland,  Sweden, Denmark, Norway

   and Ukraine, Russia.

     Mediterranean Countries Italy, Spain Portugal and UK 
   Latin America Brazil

    Programs : Many years of experience in tourism and travel 
us to create for you the perfect program for any purpose, : 

      Tours & Leisure 

  • Seniors  / retirement  
  • Seaside Weekends

      Avocado Travel

  • Bucharest
  • Lakes & Mountain 
  • Danube Delta 

  • UNESCO's Heritage 
  • Jewish heritage 
  • Saxon heritage

  • Castles & Citadels  in Transylvania
  • Count Dracula & Prince Vlad 


  • Snagov & Caldarusani Monastery
  • "Hello Wine Gourmet Tour"
  • Shopping  
  • Halloween 
  • Railway  Train nostalgia 

    Parties Activities

  • Bucharest  Day & Night City Tours
  • Bucharest Stag & Adventure 

  • Hunting and After Hunting

  • Trips

  • Railway  Train nostalgia 

  • Cruises  Black Sea, Danube & Delta
  • Land Extension for Cruises 
  • Cruise Lectures

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